Electromechanical servo drive solution

Fast and flexible electric automation

Endless engineering processes, a steep learning curve and long project times – surely there’s a faster and more flexible way? Seamless connectivity and automation solutions that can be standardised can save you huge amounts of time, from design and configuration to commissioning and beyond, with maintenance management via the cloud and other digital services. So you can respond to customer requests quickly and flexibly. In our application examples, we will show you how easy it is to achieve seamless electric automation with Festo.

Stay flexible – with seamless connectivity right up to the cloud

We will show you the advantages of mechanical, electric and intelligent connectivity using the example of the Festo Productivity Master, a modular production plant for customised USB memory sticks. With seamless connectivity all the way to the cloud as well as to higher-level controllers, with easy commissioning and much more.

Direct integration of servo drives in host systems with Ethernet

Servo drives from Festo can be integrated directly into Ethernet-based control architectures from other manufacturers. The servo drives CMMT-AS used in the example understand the language of the Siemens controllers and behave like the manufacturer-specific servo drive, without any additional program changes. This means that you do not need to learn a specific language for the servo drive and can thus reduce the programming and commissioning work thanks to standardisation.

Complete integration and standardisation in host systems with EtherCAT®

The entire machine architecture is perfectly coordinated and enables automation based on EtherCAT® independent of the host system. It makes no difference whether electric or pneumatic systems are used, because the AP technology brings together servo drives, remote IO and valve terminals to create a high-performance overall system. This standardisation saves you a great deal of time and allows you to respond flexibly to customer requirements.