Powerful sounds. Powerful automation.

What does music have to do with electric automation? How can you respond flexibly to your own requirements as well as to those of your customers? And how can automation data be smartly networked? In our videos, we will show you how automation technology interacts in perfect harmony, from the workpiece to the cloud. You can even configure electromechanical servo drive solutions easily and commission them with just a few clicks. That’s what we call seamless connectivity.

What does creating music have to do with industrial automation?

Just like in music, getting the basic composition right is also key in electric automation. The individual components of the servo drive – the motor, servo drive, controller as well as the axis – are sized and selected using software to create the perfect combination. So you get the right electromechanical solution for your requirements.

What does composing a song have to do with industrial automation?

When you commission the electromechanical servo drive solution, you start with the basic movement. The individual components are perfectly in tune with each other, like musical instruments, so they can achieve the correct application movement. In the Festo Automation Suite software, this can be done in just five clicks.

What do different music styles have to do with industrial automation?

We vary songs and use different musical genres and styles to suit different situations and preferences. The same applies to electric automation: when requirements change, the components need to be adjusted in line with the basic composition and then commissioned again. This can also be done quickly and reliably in the Festo Automation Suite.

What does music streaming have to do with industrial automation?

We can listen to music digitally at any time, wherever we are. The same is true in electric automation with data being easily accessible, from components to complete machines in the cloud, via our IoT gateway. You can check the status and performance of your servo drive, valve terminals and controllers in the Festo AX dashboards.

Set the right tone with seamless connectivity from Festo

Seamless connectivity starts with getting the composition right for each movement. First, the servo drive components are optimally sized and selected using the software and then arranged and fine-tuned in the Festo Automation Suite – without any restrictions on the network used. Smart products and digital services then enable you to access and process the data at any time, anywhere. We call this seamless connectivity – from the workpiece to the cloud.

  • Simply right: Whether a high-end or standard variant, electric or pneumatic, with third-party suppliers or as a complete solution from Festo, we supply you with rapid solutions that can be easily integrated into your existing architecture and will work together perfectly.

  • Simply flexible: You can respond quickly to market requirements and customer wishes with customisable automation solutions – and with the help of clever products, smart solutions and digitalisation.

  • Simply fast: Smart software enables you to design servo drive solutions and commission the entire electromechanical servo drive package in just a few steps.